As I’m sure you are all aware, the government has decided to take England back into lockdown for the next four weeks from tonight at midnight. This does not mean that animal welfare will be impacted again. We all just need to use our common sense and work with each other to protect ourselves and our community from further increases of infection.

We will be working to the new advice given to us by the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) which can be seen below.

  1. Continue to act in Covid-safe ways at all times
  2. Minimise contact with others (clients and co-workers)
  3. Minimise travel so far as is possible
  4. Risk assess procedures on clients’ premises
  5. Exercise professional judgement as to what it is appropriate to defer
  6. We are allowed to carry out ambulatory work at your premises as long as we adhere to the government guidelines
  7. We are allowed to carry out work in support of equestrian business and trade

We would ask that if you are suffering from the clinical signs of covid, or have been asked to isolate by track and trace, and have a routine appointment booked in that you inform us as soon as possible. We would strongly advise sticking to the government guidelines of isolating and we can reschedule. We will be wearing facemasks at calls, and adhering to social distancing when on yards. To aid us at routine calls, we would appreciate it if you can put the headcollars on your horses for vaccinating. We will then enter the stable on our own to vaccinate your horse. Routine dentals will be done under sedation as
this allows us to maintain social distancing during this period of lockdown. We have a dental price where sedation is factored into our dental fee for these covid times. 

If you need to discuss this with us further, please phone the office on 01782 898102 and we’ll be happy to help. As the author Terry Pratchett would say “we live in interesting times”, lets all try and work together during this period.