Lameness Investigations

Through the use of our portable digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment, alongside the use of regional nerve blocks, Little Rock Equine Vets can carry out a thorough and in-depth investigation of lameness on your yard. We work closely with many farriers and together we can advise on remedial farriery as a team, to aid recovery and to get the best out of your horse. Our x-ray unit is wireless, meaning that there are no cables to worry about and the use of digital x-rays also allows us to email these images to orthopaedic experts, should the need arise.


We have a very close relationship with referral centres such as Leahurst Equine Hospital. This means if your horse needs further diagnostics that we cannot provide, such as colic surgery or MRI, we can refer you to the centre of your choice as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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We cover Staffordshire moorlands, North Staffordshire and North Staffs county. If you have any equine veterinary needs we would love to hear from you.

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