Routine Healthcare

We carry out routine health checks at all our vaccinations as standard. We know that having a thorough clinical examination once a year can often catch many conditions early and before they become clinically damaging to your horse.  The health check includes an examination of the heart, lungs, eyes and a body condition score. We will also discuss any concerns you have had.

24 hour emergency cover

We provide our own emergency out of hours cover for registered clients.


We have a very close relationship with referral centres such as Leahurst Equine Hospital. This means if your horse needs further diagnostics that we cannot provide, such as colic surgery or MRI, we can refer you to the centre of your choice as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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We cover Staffordshire moorlands, North Staffordshire and North Staffs county. If you have any equine veterinary needs we would love to hear from you.

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