It is often a difficult decision to decide when to castrate your colts. It really does vary between different breeds, as well as the temperament of the individual animal. At Little Rock, we are comfortable to perform castrations both standing and under general anaesthesia and will happily carry out the operation at your yard. The price for castration includes: Tetanus antitoxin (if required), pain relief for the operation itself and for 5 days after surgery. We firmly believe that the gelding should be as pain-free as possible post- surgery.


We have a very close relationship with referral centres such as Leahurst Equine Hospital. This means if your horse needs further diagnostics that we cannot provide, such as colic surgery or MRI, we can refer you to the centre of your choice as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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We cover Staffordshire moorlands, North Staffordshire and North Staffs county. If you have any equine veterinary needs we would love to hear from you.

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