Its amazing how quickly the season changes from summer straight to full on winter woollies in our horses and ponies. There are a number of reasons we clip:

  • They need to lose weight, to prevent issues like laminitis/EMS
  • They are working hard over the winter months
  • They are overheating in their winter coats
  • Minimising issues such as girth galls, and sweat rash.
  • Keeping them clean enough to ride
  • Keeping them cool and dry after exercise

A lot of us clip, but not every horse likes to be clipped. Their are ways of training your horse or pony to accept clippers but if time is of the essence, then sometimes sedation is needed.

Sedation can be given in two ways orally – we recommend Domesedan gel, or by intravenous access done by ourselves. Below is a video of Edward, who as you can see is not keen on the sound of clippers. You can see that IV sedation really works in his case. This makes it less stressful and dangerous for everyone. If this is something you need done, please contact the office on 01782 898102

Here is a short video showing how useful it can be to get us out to sedate when you need to clip.